Property Enquiry Certificate

Property Enquiry Certificate

A Property Enquiry Certificate is a document produced by the Council, usually requested as part of a conveyancing property search, which provides information about various aspects of the status of a property. As part of this service, the Environmental Health Section identifies whether the site is on the Contaminated Land Register and provides a preliminary risk assessment ranking based on historical land use.

Intimation is requested that the property described herein is not affected by any orders, notices or directions made in terms of the following Acts and any Regulations made thereunder: 

(a) Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Acts
(b) Building (Scotland) Acts
(c) Housing (Scotland) Acts
(d) Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974
(e) Food Safety Act 1990
(f) Roads (Scotland) Act 1984

Note: A location plan must be attached to your order in cases where it is difficult to give a precise description of the location of a premise. You will be asked to attach one after purchasing this product  (optional).

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