Register an Interchange account to access staff only content.

You'll need to know your employee number and national insurance number to complete the registration process.

After registration you will receive an activation email that you need to use before logging into your account.

Why do I have to register?  /  Step by Step Guide

 Employee Information

Enter your employee information to match against a staff record.

Your first name should be entered as it appears in iTrent. If you have specified a 'known as' name, please use this.


 Email Address

Enter an email address for your Interchange account - this will be your username for logging in.

We'll contact you using this address to activate your account so it should be one you can access from work. We'll also use it if you want to log in using a link, reset your password or unlock your account.


 Alternative Email Address (Optional)

We recommend you suppy an alternative email address that you can access from home/outside of work. This can be useful for using the login link feature, resetting your password etc. when you can't access your primary address.


Set a strong password for your account. It must:

  • Be between 10 and 25 characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase character and one lowercase character
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain one of the following special character ! @ # $ £ % ? &

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